Middle Earth March

1350 Miles to Destroy the One Ring!

Follow in the footsteps of everyones favorite hobbit, to restore peace to the people of Middle Earth. This precious challenge retraces the route of Frodo and Sam from Bag End to Mt. Doom

The Epic Adventure

It’s hard to imagine or appreciate just how far Frodo and Sam ventured to destroy the one ring. In the Lord of the Rings films, we are helped to appreciate the vastness of the journey with beautiful sweeping camera shots across mountains and plains. But it is not until you walk the actual distance that you can fully appreciate just how far our heroes journeyed. 


From The Shire, to Bree, through the Misty Mountains, on to Rohan, and finally Mt. Doom at Mordor, this epic journey spanned 1350 miles! 

So pack your steel, befriend a wizard and don’t forget second breakfast, because this challenge will be sure to  keep you and your fellowship busy for a while. Will you complete the journey, and cast the ring into the mountain lava, securing ultimate bragging rights? Or will you surrender to the challenge, hoping someone else takes up the charge? We know you can do it, and we will be here to help! 

LOTR Fast Facts

One Long Trilogy

The three films total 11:23:59, which is 11.4 hours. However, had it been cut as a single film, it would have run 11:06:56 accounting for not needing to watch the credits two extra times.

Frodo the Wise

The name "Frodo" comes from Old English, with fród meaning "wise by experience". There is also a connection to a character from Norse mythology known as Fróði. The character is also referenced in Beowulf, where it is spelled in Old English as Froda.

Age is Just a Number

In the show, Frodo is 33 when he leaves the shire on his journey. But in the books, he is 50 at the time of his departure!

Earth Based

Arda, the world of Middle earth is modeled after our own Earth. That means Frodo's Journey, and our own Middle Earth March, is a similar distance as walking from Miami to new York City.

How To Complete The Challenge

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Middle Earth March Entry

The Complete Package
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  • IFA T-shirt
  • Middle Earth March logo water bottle or tumbler
  • The Hobbit book donation to school or library

How Your Challenge Helps

Supporting Schools and Local Libraries

Every entry to this challenge purchases a copy of The Hobbit, for a local school or library. The Hobbit was required reading for many Americans growing up, and should continue to be a staple of the classroom. By participating in this challenge, we hope to keep it that way, all the while inspiring the next generation of Lord of the Rings fans! 

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