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It’s often said that a good diet is the most important aspect of any health routine. Whether it be for weight loss, toning or general heath reasons, there is no better way to achieve a healthy diet than with the support of a professional! Shelby is here to lend a listening ear and give helpful guidance, empowering you to become your healthiest, happiest self. 

What's the deal?

How can Shelby Help?

Shelby will walk you  through an assessment of your specific needs and goals. She will take into consideration any specific dietary requirements or preferences, as well as your individual target macros, to formulate meal plans and food suggestions just for you! 

She also offers regular check in calls to help you stay a accountable to the plan, or to make any adjustments required in real time. She will help you stay on track through positive reinforcement and adjustments, leveraging what is working best for you!

Shelby's Services

Meal Planning

Most Popular
$ 5 Per Day (No Minumum)
  • Custom Meal plan for a day
  • Includes Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snacks
  • Target Fluid Guidance
  • All Recipes Included
  • Plans built for your personal Macro Targets
  • Monthly Plan Discount Available

Virtual Nutrition Counseling

1 on 1 with Shelby
$ 19
Per Session
  • Make sure you are staying on track
  • Help with Goal Setting & Accountability
  • 30 Minute Sessions via phone or web meeting
  • Ongoign support $ Goal Re-evaluation
  • Buy 5 get one free!
Buy 5 Get 1

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