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Anything that covers distance can be logged! Just keep track of how far you have gone and it can count! 

Treadmills and in place activities are also a great way to participate

Keep track of the miles you run using an application like like my run or your GPS enabled fitness tracker. Then visit the challenge page for the specific challenge and follow the entry instructions there.

Entry fees range based on the event type and duration, as well as the swag included in entry. Some races to support charity are free with an encouraged donation, while some of our longest challenges can cost up to $100

Absolutely! A mile that you walk or run can count towards any number of events and races. Just report them to us separately. 

Nothing. A cheater is only cheating himself. All of our challenges are not officially competitive, so if a user were to cheat, he would be doing himself a disservice. 

A Race is a limited time event, over a shorter distance. Races include placement among other racers and a posted results page. 

A challenge is  long term individual goal, like walking the total distance of the Florida Keyes. These can take anywhere from a month to over a year. 

New events are teased on the home page before being opened for public registration. New events are typically made available on the 15th of each month, and remain open for several months. 

In the case of races, the window may be much narrower, often lasting a month or less for registration and participation. 

We will post an update to the race page with results following each race and challenge. We will also have a dedicated results page on the website. 

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