What’s The Plan/Getting Started

The “ImfreakinAwesome 30 Day Challenge” is a health and fitness challenge decided to take you wherever you are at in your fitness journey and push you further. ImfreakinAwesome (IFA) is a health and wellness company that is dedicated to changing peoples lives, through education, encouragement, community and embracing a healthier lifestyle so that you can achieve […]

Virtual Races: What they are and how they could help your training

In the midst of the Corona Virus Pandemic, runners from all over the globe have been sidelined from racing in the foreseeable future. All runners, ranging from the recreational runner, all the way to the professional athletes are unable to participate in conventional racing due to the need for social distancing. For right now, it […]

A Runners Saving Grace

   The Coronavirus is on everyone’s mind nowadays. The running community as a whole now spends their days quarantined within their homes. Cabin fever has no doubt gotten the best of even the most patient and resilient among us. This pandemic has caused trouble in everyone’s life but I found that during this period of […]