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join a challenge that gets you moving!

The IFA group challenge is designed to get you up and moving for a month. Our plan is customized by our run coach and athletic trainers to ramp up your activity over a one month time frame, so that you can see results together. 

The challenge starts on the first of the month and runs for the month, with a suggested activity each day. Follow the agenda and report in to the Facebook group with your progress, and to keep motivated with other group members. IFA coaches and athletic trainers will also participate and answer any questions and keep the community going! 

key features about this challenge

This challenge is designed to be done over the course of a month, and is repeatable as we host new events. The event is live, so the whole group starts on the same day, and makes progress together. We keep each other accountable and motivated! 

How Our Challenge works

The 30 day challenge is a program and a community. It’s not just a set of exercises or a diet plan. Its a journey that we go through together, and our instructors are there to guide you along. 

Walk, Run, Swim or's mainly Cardio
Motivate and be motivated by the Facebook group
Get guidance from our instructors


Run Coach

Nick Cruz

Nick is our pro run coach. Not only did he build most of the plan, he will be around to answer any questions you might have, and he will be publishing insider articles and blogs with helpful hints. 

Athletic Trainer

Staci Valone

Staci brings a great background in athletic training to the program. She is especially focused on how to keep you safe and healthy during the challenge! 

Athletic Trainer

Sean Robb

As a certified athletic trainer, Sean will be focusing on instructing participants on the correct methods and forms for the various activities in our program.

Challenge Features

Join Our Group Challenge!

Challenge Time Frame and Advanced Levels

Like it says in the name, the challenge is for 30 days and will start on the first day of each month! We will send you a calendar with what to do on each day, and you can follow along. Work out at the time of day most convenient for you! 


When you are done, you are welcome to repeat the challenge as is or try it at the next difficulty level. We have 4 challenge program levels, shown below, and each one has 3 difficulties, except for the final challenge, which is customized for you specifically each month by our trainers! 

Our starter plan with 3 difficulty levels
For graduates of our basic plan, this event pushes participants to the next level
Our high tier plan for advanced athletes
Our most comprehensive plan for serious athletes. This plan is completely custom to each individual

How About Nutrition?

We have partnered with Tara from Highway 2 Well! Tara will be making appearances on our social groups, so keep an eye out there, and for special tips to our members. 

If you really want some special attention though, contact Tara directly for a customized meal plan!

Her plans take into consideration your specific target macros for your health goals, and she will even craft recipes with your dietary restrictions or cooking ability in mind. 

How does it all work?

important things

Absolutely! We recommend that you check with your doctor before starting any exercise routine, but in general, this challenge is for beginners through advanced. 

Once more, we are happy to make adjustments to your program if you have any specific requirements. 

Only a positive attitude and a willingness to go! 

A good pair of workout clothes is also advised. 

Oh, and this works best as part of a community, so we highly recommend you participate in our Facebook group…so you will need a Facebook account. 

We will be sending you an email with some instructions, so please use your best contact method at checkout. 

You will be prompted to complete a self assessment health form, and sent an invitation to our Facebook group. 

We don’t use robots at IFA, so it might take us a few hours to send you the on-boarding materials, so we ask that you please be patient. 

Celebrate of course! 


Then consider one of our other longer challenges, or even particiapting in this one again at a higher difficulty level. We will also be introducing some alternative challenges in the near future! 

The IFA 30 day Challenge

LEt's get freakin awesome together!