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Introducing Staci and Sean

Introducing the two newest team members at IFA; Sean Robb and Staci Valone. 

Sean and Staci are both certified athletic trainers and will be contributing to the blog and our social networks from a physical health perspective. They cant wait to put out some great content, demonstrating proper health and wellness practices. Even more, they are looking forward to getting to know the IFA community!


Staci Valone

Stacie Valone is  a licensed certified athletic trainer. She graduated from Temple
University with my Bachelors of Science degree in athletic training and went on to pursue her Master’s
degree in athletic administration with concentration on education from Goucher College in Baltimore
Maryland. After Graduate school she moved to Florida where she lived for 6 years working in the college
setting working with many different collegiate athletic programs such as; volleyball, beach volleyball,
women’s soccer, men’s lacrosse, baseball, wrestling and women’s basketball. She recently moved back to
the Philadelphia area to pursue her PHD in Athletic training. Having been an ex-college athlete , an
avid runner/exercise enthusiast and an athletic trainer working with college athletes, she has become very
big on recovery methods and injury prevention techniques on how to help heal your body after
competition. Having done my graduate thesis on the importance of recovery she finds this is where her
strong suit is and she wants to be able to help people recover and prevent injuries. 


Sean Robb

Sean is a former Division I soccer player for Jacksonville University. After his first year of collegiate soccer, he was medically disqualified from athletic competition due to his numerous concussions. It is because of his catastrophic injury history that he got into the medical field as an athletic trainer. He has been a certified/licensed athletic trainer for a decade, working with athletes from the professional level all the way to the youth league and weekend warrior level. His passion is medicine within the sports world – helping people understand their injuries, how to prevent injury, and how to find novel/innovative ways to rehabilitate people back to full health. He wants to bring his knowledge on the kinematics of running, and the full-body effects of healthy running, to as many people that will listen.


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